The Band

Nathaniel Markman (aka Asparagus Toes)

Out beyond the wild reaches of Groveland California, in a quiet stretch of land nestled against the towering granite walls and gurgling rivers of Yosemite, two long-haired dudes met at Jewish summer camp.

Normally, that’s where the story might end. But not so with these two. It wasn’t long before they both heard the sweet siren’s song of destiny, beckoning them to a life of travel, music, and sustainable agriculture. Though individually summoned, they soon found that the notes of their separate destinies together struck a glorious harmony, something akin to a perfect 4th, or the murmurs of falling pine needles intermingled with the sound of rocks, slowly glossed by the tectonic lick of snow melt from distant mountains.

David Griswold (aka "Griz")

A mutual love for nature and farming found, and a dream of one day starting a farming and education center formed, the two set off to visit, learn, experience, and live as intentionally as possible, persistently in pursuit of permacultural teachings, present-ness, and horizons unknown.

This blog is here to share the lessons, the community, and the laughter found along the way. Our world needs food, our children need green spaces to run through and explore, and we all could use a reminder from time to time of just how much we need each other. If you know us already, drop us a line and let us know how you’re doing – and if we’ve yet to meet, we look forward to learning from you and hearing your needed questions!

Our love to all.


2 Responses to The Band

  1. David, I’m so impressed with your song – I’d love to see it hit number one on the charts 🙂 Keep singing your song and doing your great work….lots of love to you from New Zealand

  2. Dave – there are no words. Float on brother.

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