Where I’m sleeping

Access to wordpress has been granted, but time is limited! Suffice to say for now, this is the view from where I’m sleeping:

Misty mountains

And these are the folks I’ve been spending my time with:

Chickens and kids

Normally they’re less blurry 😉 Than left camp for the day, so I’ve been in charge of prepping the garden and getting the starts started. I have to say: there’s something immensely satisfying about finding manual labor tasks that require me to fully exert myself/throw my body weight into something. Things like dragging a tarp full of straw across a muddy field to spread mulch atop our garden beds. If anyone needs a last minute substitute to help run the Iditarod (and I mean attached to the sleigh), you just let me know.

Other quick highlights: blackberry and red pepper pizza with goat cheese, the first real thunder and lightning storm I’ve seen in a while, playing camp’s delightful Martin acoustic guitars, and catching up with good friends for the first time in a while. All in all, not a shabby way to kick off another summer.

Until next time – love from the Sierras,

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2 Responses to Where I’m sleeping

  1. Dad says:

    Back where you’ll always belong….Love, Dad

  2. Linda Griswold says:

    Not too shabby at all!!!

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