What a week

Well I’ve learned my lesson – a week is just too much to pack into one post! I shall do my best though.

Three big things to share: 1) We’ve got a second greenhouse on the verge of completion! And 2) I got to join Than and a few other bearded fellows as a member of Swanman Travels and the Bearded Ladies, playing mainstage at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis. Mumford and Sons – eat your heart out. 3) An incredible impromptu trip to Harbin Hot Springs.

1) Gettin’ housed

Up from below

Remember those mistakes I was mentioning?


The mistakes we’ve made have been some of the best reminders that communication is key to clarity and efficiency. We’ve been flying through our construction of the greenhouse (it’s taken us just under a week to get everything but the plastic up), and along the way, little details here and there have gotten lost. All along though, people have kept a positive attitude, and our minor mistakes have been major learning experiences that we’ve all benefited from.

And what’s a day on the farm without some delicious homemade black bean hummus and guacamole for Cinco de Mayo?

Black bean what?

Later that week, Sid and I worked putting up the hoops:

Hoopin' it

Just check the focus here:


And the curly hair. Phew – it didn’t take long to get longish again! P.S. – Did I mention Sid is incredible?


Spiderman is a joke compared to this British bloke.

That same day, Amanda stopped by to help pin up the purlins. Ain’t she sweet?

Heck yeah

2) Yes, that’s me in a skirt

Mmm hmm

We were called the bearded ladies after all. And I figured the Top Gun shirt offered a great contrast.

The Whole Earth Festival was incredible. A good friend Dylan (the Bearded lady on the bass) was one of the directors of the whole festival, and when not up on stage with us, he was busy coordinating volunteers as they biked plates in carts to be washed, delivered food scraps to compost piles, and kept the festival up and running for the weekend.

The band

And wouldn’t you know it – we got to make the major debut of this classic song.

What really blows my mind about the Whole Earth Festival is that it is completely student run. For two days, there are musicians playing across two different stages, speakers (like Penny Livingston Stark of the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas), vendors selling their wares across the quad, a dj pit with dancing, student group performances, workshops and more. It was an incredible collection of people who showed up, from the grittiest of permaculturalists and natural builders, to curious students, to dancing hippies, to hoola hoopers, acrobats, parents and children.



It reminded me that I have so much more left to learn about pathways to sustainable living (as if I needed a reminder). So much of this comes down to a complete shift in mindset and perception of self as connected with one’s surroundings – but this, I think, may be best captured in another, more philosophical posting.

3) Harbin Hot Springs

All I’ll say is: hippies, hips, and hot springs. Harbin, as expected, was a wonderful chance for a bit of spiritual exploration and rejuvenation. A place can never be all that bad when it’s got hot springs, a garden, a badass temple, yoga three times a day, camping by the creek, massage, and a shared kitchen. Sounds a bit like spending the summer in Yosemite come to think of it… 😉

That’s the quick scoop for now. A day at the office tomorrow, then Friday farmin’, Yale Day of Service Saturday, and Sunday Work Day!

So good

Somewhere between the hot pool and the cold pool,

And one more, just for good measure:


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One Response to What a week

  1. Linda Griswold says:

    I just loved reading this post. You are so in your element!!!!!! I just loved that you were part of the band…that’s what I like to see!!! Continue on this path…….it is so you!!!

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