Going Green!

Remember this shot from a week or so ago?


Well check it out now!


Okay, okay, so maybe it isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but it feels at the very least ground-breaking to me to come back, and to find green shoots where I had pressed seeds ever so gingerly into the soil only a week or so ago.

Yummy greens are beginning to sprout up all over the place, most especially in warm, moist environment of our hoop house:


And wouldn’t you know it – guess who wore the perfect colors for the occasion:


Our main man Sid is back in town, and totally legal!

Today, we buckled down in a serious way (well, as serious as we get on the farm anyway) and prepped materials for a forty bed-building marathon over the next two days. We’ve recruited new volunteers (see Miriam in the purple below), and now, after two long months, we’re getting ready to welcome back Than and Ari!


The take away from today, looking ahead to tomorrow: if you’re going to grow something, why not grow it with friends? My housemate Christina (who has also volunteered at the farm) had a great quote to share from John Valenzuela (who came by to visit our farm not too long ago) that I think really speaks to this idea. In his words, “If you want to create a space for community, you should start by building a hearth.”


The boys

There are so many words embedded in the word hearth, it seems to me like the perfect multi-functional element to aim for when starting a community effort. And to me, starting a project with friends and seeing it grow to welcome others: there isn’t much that’s more heart-warming than that.

Gettin’ by with a little help,

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2 Responses to Going Green!

  1. Shaheen says:

    Well the sprouts are as ‘earth shattering’ and ‘ground breaking’ as anything can possibly be! Literally! 😉

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