Gettin’ out to get in

To start, I’m going to try the reverse psychology approach: I am only going to try to post once a week (read: I’m hoping this means that I’ll actually get back on track, and start posting at least once every couple of days).

This post could go on endlessly, but since it’s already late, I am going to focus just on this weekend, and if I’ve got the chutzpah tomorrow, I might give a shot at posting an update from last week. I just have to capture the weekend while it’s fresh:



Having only been in the summer, I felt absolutely refreshed and reinvigorated, roaming through the same tall canyon trails of that glorious granite valley, coated as it was in ice, snow and fog, like breath from the sleeping mountains.

Mirror Lake

To get to share this place, which has brought such joy and transformation into my life, with two folks, Tali and Sid, who themselves had never been – what a treat! What an honor really! Driving back tonight, it brought a smile to my face to hear the many “Wow!”s and “Whoa!”s as we made our way past the tumbling spume of Yosemite falls, and beneath the sharp shadows of El Cap.

Oh yeah

A group of about nine of us made the long and laborious trek up out of the valley to a spot known only to few, buried deep out in the snow. As it always does, Yosemite made me feel like I understood a bit more why I am where I am, and why I am doing what I’m doing. There’s something about being among those chiseled mountains that makes me feel so completely insignificant and humbled, and yet, at the same time, so completely a part of something beautiful. It makes me want to share that feeling with others – that feeling of belonging, of meaning in just witnessing.


Besides all that meaningful stuff, we just had a BLAST running through the snow in snowshoes, and cooking absolutely epic meals. Corn chowder 6 miles deep out in the snow covered mountains? Yessir! And what better way to wake up than to the sounds of a guitar playing “Here comes the sun”, eh?

Snowy Sid

I felt so lucky to be a part of the group that made the trek: what a warm-hearted, silly and thoughtful bunch to adventure with. Snow ball fights, group photos, tooth brush songs (among other songs of course!) – all coupled with quiet moments, filled with nods, smiles and the not un-seldom satisfied sigh.

Team Awesome 2

Charlie and Alex

Team awesome 3

Team awesome

Gotta hydrate

Gosh – I hope these photos capture some of the incredible feeling being out in a wintry Yosemite with good friends. This is what I want to bring back with me, and pass on through getting folks outside to grow. From the smallest seed to the tallest mountain – it all feels like it’s connected to me.

Snowy half dome

With love,

P.S. I swear, this is actually the mark my backpack left in the snow:

Smile in the snow

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2 Responses to Gettin’ out to get in

  1. Marc Hoffman says:


    Yosemite looks amazing. My parents used to tell me about it there, so I’m super stoked you’re feeling at home in it’s terrain.

    It’s refreshing to hear about your urban farming. Being in Buffalo (for now), I see how your efforts out there could have unlimited benefits for our city in the armpit of N.Y. I’m jealous to see that you’ve been able to surround yourself with people who have the vision, and the drive to work in the ways you work, and to think about our planet as something more than some highways and some buildings. Unfortunately, many Buffalonians don’t see our connections to nature as you and I might.

    P.S. Keep up the hard work. And keep up the blog. It’s all well worth it 🙂

    Take care! ~Marc

    • Marc – I want to be honest: your words really mean a lot. It’s a great reminder that these lessons are important, and that there’s a lot of learning to share with folks. The trick is to preach to those who aren’t already in the choir 😉 It’s great to be surrounded by likeminded folks in Berkeley, but it’s equally important to walk the path you feel needs walking when other folks aren’t on the same page. People come around sooner or later – and either way, doing it because you feel it’s right or because you believe in it is the only way to be.

      Buffalo’s a tough climate, but I’d love to hear about what you’re thinking of getting up to out there to get things growing.

      All my best from the West,

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