It all moves so fast

Is it already the weekend again? Phew!

The farm is continuing to move from the pulp to the palpable – and at the same time, I am glad to see that the community I’ve begun to nestle into here in Berkeley continuing to open up and grow.

Tuesday was a double shed day at the farm. For the longest time, we’ve been storing our tools in cars and in our office, and now, with the completion of a storage space behind the hoop house and a couple of new sheds, it feels like our workspace is really getting grounded. It’s also amazing what a couple of elements on a site can do to anchor one’s sense of place. Each day, our space feels more and more like the farm we’ve been seeing in our minds.


One big lesson learned: there is a different feeling of accomplishment, assembling a shed from a kit, as compared with building a hoop house completely by hand. With a kit, there’s no room for adjustment, and there’s a set of instructions that, at best, is like being handed a knot, and told “first, unravel this.” Building from scratch, those minor incongruities between design and reality (and even the major ones) can be accounted for, and the design and process and construction become an unfolding conversation, something akin to “Hi reality – was hoping that, when I lay these boards down, my frame will be level. How do you feel about that” Reality: “Yez – dees time I shall accommodate you, within de boundz of reezun. But don’ ‘spect to be so luckee evrah time, ‘kay?”


P.S. How does this guy keep doin’ it? Effortless. Effortless.


Another lesson: make sure you eat good food! Thanks Ari, for pulling together one of the better sandwiches I’ve had in a while – prosciutto, fontina cheese, blanched kale, pickled red onions, and a fried egg. Snap!

Good food

Good food also is an essential ingredient for building good community. With this principle firmly in mind, Josh and I have decided to kick off a weekly potluck, bringing together new friends to enjoy delicious food, knee-slapping folk tunes, and general commotion and camaraderie. Anyone recognize this guy?


The long-haired one himself! Potlucks have power! Fresh from farming on Hawaii, the great Than made his triumphant return to the Bay to help us kick off our collaborative culinary gatherings. I mean, could you resist this taco bar?

Taco bar

Still full the following day, Than and I came together to staple hardware cloth to the frame of our chicken run. Believe me – these are going to be some happy chickens. This is less a chicken run than a chicken palace:

The chicken palace

Than, staplin'

What a week! Now, cup of coffee in hand – time to run into to open arms of the weekend!

Caffeine-infused love,

P.S. Potluck and R&B Karaoke night, as made possible by an accordion and drums – all in one week? Y’all got to be kidding. Pics from Elizabeth’s bday party – lot of love here:

Liam - killin' it on the mic

Elizabeth - also killin' it on the mic

P.P.S. In case any one was doubting nature’s abundance. Thanks for the reminder National Geographic!

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