Hayes Valley Farm

I just don’t have the superhuman stamina I seem to have had during the road trip! These later hours roll along, and I find myself falling like a rock through the cool waters of my blankets, down towards the dark, peaceful bottoms of a dreamy sleep.

I want to quickly share a couple of great experiences from the weekend before I conk out this evening.

1) I went to outer space!

Well, a party with a space theme. You can see me hanging with Classic and our mutual buddy Josh here:

Space - the final man-tier

Can you guess what space-themed costume we were wearing? If you guess Orion’s Belt – you are correct! And you are also awesome, because it was totally a stretch (in more ways than one!).

2) Baby Maya!


My good friends Isis and Matt (from Oz and New Zealand respectively) live here in the Bay, and I got to enjoy a wonderful brunch and catch up with them this Sunday. Weather was gorgeous, the frittata was certainly not frittered away, and Maya, while a widdle sick, was a delight to hang out with for a bit on a sunny day. It’s amazing how fast they grow!


Hayes Valley Farm

If you want to see how an urban farm can and should be run, you need to check out Hayes Valley Farm. They are covering so much, and it’s all grown through organic, volunteer efforts.


I had passed by the farm a number of times since being back in the Bay, and happened to arrive on a Sunday, which is one of their community work days. After taking a quick tour over the farm (which is remarkably expansive and well designed!), I settled in to a bit of composting with a new friend, John, and got to chat a bit with some folks from the youth education program.


The big takeaways from Hayes Valley: 1) Community is essential; 2) Visibility, while not essential, is really helpful; 3) Even if you’ve only got the land temporarily, there’s a lot you can do in a short time (’cause it’s not just about what you grow, as we know form Fukuoka, but how you grow); and 4) It you build it, they will come. It blew me away how many folks were there to volunteer their time on a Sunday, and how much joy the farm was bringing to the area. There are spaces like this (Hayes Valley Farm is actually built on an old on-ramp for the SF freeway) in cities around the world, and all it takes is a few intrepid volunteers to shoot sparks off into a hungry community to get things going.

Lettuce help you

There’s endlessly wonderful things to share from even my short time, but for now, I’m hoping to connect folks from Hayes Valley with us over at Urban Adamah, that we might share knowledge and resources, and help each other accomplish our mutual goals of growth and community building.

Lookin' over the city

I will try to get back on track with the daily blogging tomorrow after another day on the farm. Stay tuned for some exciting new updates to the blog, as I’ve decided to start looping myself into the news stream more, to help frame some of the local happenings here with what’s going on out there. Any good articles – please send my way!

Much loveliness,

P.S. In the spirit of Cafe Gratitude, I will close with a daily question:

What does food mean to you?

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