That’s West Coast to DC for anyone wondering. Not water closet/direct current (which is always a dangerous mix).

I just got back from a one day adventure in the nation’s capital,having just kicked off work with a non-profit based here in the Bay called COCHS. While not agricultural, their work is focused on connecting populations cycling through our jail system with community healthcare resources needed to address the behavioral health problems that often get them there in the first place, ensuring that there’s continuity of care before, during and after their time served. I’ve given a lot of thought to the empowering and healing properties of garden spaces and garden work as it relates to homeless/underserved populations (especially after leaning more about the project in Santa Cruz and Growing Home Community Garden in SF), and I can see these two worlds potentially linking up down the line. Either way – it feels positive to be working on these issues, and it’s gonna be a heck of a learning experience, which I’m always pretty keen on.

In other news, I think this may be the first time I’ve worn a tie since graduation. No, scratch that – since my buddy Brian’s wedding a year and a half ago. Makes me really glad I live and work on the West Coast, where ties are sparse at best.

Tied up

In other other news, I finished The One-Straw Revolution, and, with all the time I had on the plane flights to and fro, also blasted through Eat, Pray, Love, officially making me maybe one of five dudes to have picked up, read, and finished the book in its entirety. I have to say – it’s hard to follow up a book like The One-Straw Revolution. Eat, Pray, Love, while definitely an enjoyable read, felt a bit fluffy coming after the pointedness and candor of Fukuoka. And this is “fluffy” coming from a guy who writes about soul mates and gratitude 😉

All in all, I’d recommend One Straw if you’re looking for a really enjoyable, provocative, philosophical read/if you’re in any way into gardening, farming or sustainability, and Eat, Pray, Love if you’re looking for a nice book to read on vacation/a movie starring Julia Roberts. I’m pretty sure, after watching Inception, I know who’d play Fukuoka if One Straw ever became a movie. But that’s only because Richard Harris (the only true Dumbledore in my mind) has already passed away. Just sayin’:


Time for me to get some rest. My right ear is still a bit stuffed up from the landing, and I’m hoping I wake up tomorrow with a clear head.

Bundles of love,

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