My kind of library

Nothing against normal libraries – now that I’ve started reading books again, I’m a huge fan – but I gotta say, tool libraries are just a brilliant community concept.

If you haven’t heard the good word, a tool library is a volunteer run organization that manages a set of tools usually accumulated by donation from around a community. They generally cater to the needs of a specific area of a town or city, and often, there will be multiple libraries scattered around a larger city to accommodate the needs of specific neighborhoods.

Chattin' it up

Our friendly neighborhood tool library is located just off of Martin Luther King Ave, and they have been all too kind, lending us everything from c-clamps, to sawhorses, to ladders, to our latest addition: a table saw! (whoa! the possibilities!)

Without a resource like the tool library, it’s safe to say that we’d be up a creek without a shovel, rake, hammer – anything even remotely resembling a paddle.

Glowing greenhouse

Tool libraries are just another great example of the power of community, and another piece in the puzzle of making urban farming viable, scalable, and lest we forget – fun!


Always ready to lend a hand,

P.S. – Lemons! We have a lemon tree now! Makes me pucker up (buttercup) just looking at it.


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