Monumental happenings

Gosh life moves fast sometimes, even when you’re taking it slow!

Let me pull a little Tarantino here again, and start with the ending:

We have a greenhouse!



That’s right – today, amidst spitting rains, hail and horizontal showers, we threw up the plastic skin, putting the finishing touches on our hand cut, screwed and sawed greenhouse.

Putting on the plastic

I think it’s safe to say it was a spiritual moment for us all – what a feeling of accomplishment! There’s so much we can do now with a greenhouse in place now! For instance, we can start up our nursery, so that we can really hit the ground running when Urban Adamah welcomes its first fellow this summer. We also have a space to hide from the rain, and a place where we can continue to work, regardless of what the climate throws our way. And a warm place at that!

In the house

These past couple of days have just been jam-packed with great happenings and good times. Here are some lessons learned:

1) A Trumer Pils glass is designed to show off the tight, champagne-like bubbles of a true Trumer. Here’s Dan and me, kickin’ it at an SF Beer Week event at Saul’s Deli in Berkeley. SF Beer Week – did I mention I love the Bay Area?

Beer week

2) Designing and building is ALL about the details. Little things, like smoothing the edges of the lathe that is holding down the greenhouse plastic goes a long way towards extending its lifeline.

Alex - classic

3) Ever notice that your zucchini is a little bitter? Well, my awesome new housemate Christina taught me that you can extract this bitterness by slicing off the end, and then rubbing the end piece along the top, which by a force I can only describe as “magic” draws up this bitter, white, foamy substance that apparently is concentrated bitter zucchini-ness.


It’s amazing to think that in just a couple of days, I’ve moved into two new houses: one built by hand with fellow Urban Adamah adventurers, and one, a new home I’ve come into in Berkeley. Already, the jam sessions have begun with my housemate Ben (who plays a mean keyboard), and our first family dinner and movie night tonight was a scrumptious success. Peter, Christina’s boyfriend, just so happens to be a connoisseur of cocktails, and I found myself drifting off to sleep, the warmth of a chocolate coffee martini and key lime vodka and tonic still tickling my throat. Peter also built a bike rack into the wall today. This is all to say: life is good, and these people are awesome.

So the last lesson: tell the universe what you’re looking for, and you may be surprised by just how clearly it responds. The key, as permaculture tells us though, is to first observe and to figure out exactly where that internal compass is pointing. Often times, we end up asking for what the universe is inclined to give us anyway.

Oh, and other last lesson: a chore wheel seems WAY more fun when it’s dubbed the “wheel of fun.” Did I mention my housemates are incredible?

Wheel of fun

Here’s to the art of farming:

Art of farming

Much love,

P.S. There are so many great photos from today. Here’s just a few more for good measure.

I’ve decided to change Alex’s name to “classic”:

Alex - classic

Yeah – we have a pretty good time. Even in the rain!

Ari - kickin' in

There are no words. I love this man.

Sid. Brilliant.

Shadow puppets, but lifesize:


Alex. Classic.


In the words of President Bartlett from the West Wing: “What’s next?”

What's next?

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