My funny valentine

It’s funny – I consider myself to be a pretty romantic guy, and there’s something wonderful for me about the fact that a) I had no idea today was Valentine’s day (until someone reminded me yesterday), and b) my Valentine’s day wasn’t romantic at all, and yet was so full of and focused on love. I suppose this isn’t too surprising, given my effervescently loving sign offs on most of these posts.

P.S. – Is it strange that I would describe the use of the word effervescent as “refreshing”? Or is it just corny? Mmm… I’m inclined to go with corny.

So how does a romantic guy spend his time on a non-romantic Valentine’s day? Well, today, I had two interviews, hit up two vinyasa flow sessions at Yoga to the People, decided where I’m going to live in Berkeley, got a $500 deposit back from a yoga teacher training that fell through, and in between, I got an “angelic” reading from a woman named Ari at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley. A box of chocolates would have been nice too, I suppose, but life is like a… well, you know.

I’ve always been interested in palm readers, ouija boards and tarot cards since a poetry professor of mine with an immense intellect unexpectedly touted their merits as sources for inspiration and intrigue. Today, as I was in the midst of trying to write out thoughts about upcoming life decisions, who should be sitting across from me than a woman offering readings with “angel cards“.

Admittedly, I wasn’t completely sold on the angel card concept (they don’t have quite the history of tarot or palm reading), but it was an innocent, if not a little silly, gesture towards the deeper mystique of a psychic reading, and hey – she was there and it was free – so I figured what the heck. My cards were “Power”, “New Beginnings” and “Teresa”. The latter I gather is a specific angel, and apparently, all together they indicated that I am at a powerful point in life, where there’s a lot to be gained from focusing my energies inward and embracing the new opportunities that come my way.

Not sure I needed angel cards to figure that out, but it always feels good to be open to new things – you just never know where meaning will seep in. There’s enough we have to take seriously in life, and it never hurts to loosen up a little and listen, be it to angels (whatever that might mean), mentors, or just the person sitting across from you.

We had rain for the first time since I’ve been back in California, and I’m sure the parched grass is celebrating the soaking. Tomorrow: we see how much I love working outdoors when the weather isn’t gorgeous and sunny 😉 A true test of commitment to permaculture and urban agriculture.

The other major thing I did today: I reread some of the inspiring quotes I’d written over the past year on the digital stickies I keep on my Mac. Feeling like today was an inspiring day, I thought I’d share them here. Some are quotes, and others are just things I’ve thought of.

“I must be a castaway on the desert island of my dreams.” – Philippe Petit, Man on Wire

“Anything you do with all you are is all you can do.” – Me, musing while living out on Peaks Island in Maine

“I am blessed to have such problems.” – Me after talking to Dan’s mom about upcoming life decisions today

“Indeed the prayer that every man should learn to pray is: ‘Lord teach me to unselfishly serve humanity’.” – MLK

“Virtue will always command respect, but when the man of virtue thinks much of himself, his virtue ceases to have any significance for the world.” – Gandhi

And one of my favorites (just because it sounds so epic): “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – MLK

I feel like those guys got it. Admittedly these quotes are a bit dude-centric though, and this makes me realize that I need to bring balance to the force and find more inspiring quotes from women (as there are no shortage of such quotes). Suggestions welcome.

Love on a day that deserves it,

P.P.S. This goes out to anyone who didn’t get a valentine today. A note from Ari at Cafe Gratitude:

Real talk

P.P.P.S. – Here’s a classic song beautifully redone by Ryan Adams that I heard for the first during yoga today. So good.

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