Wow – it’s only been a short time, and already we are close to finishing our first greenhouse!


Today, we were absolutely cruisin’. The sun was out, the shirts were off, and the primer was being liberally applied, as we nailed in the deftly cut upper studs, finished the two framing walls, and threw up the PVC pipe hoops, giving us a glance into the final shape of our green house.

Liberally applied

The door

Given that the bulk of our squad has minimal carpentry experience, I gotta say, we look pretty good out there:

Ari - lookin' good

Alex - lookin' studly

More than many things I’ve spent time working on in the past, I always walk away from our time on the farm and feel really accomplished. I don’t have to look too hard to see the results of the work we’re putting in. One day there’s an empty lot. Six days later, there’s a green house, designed and built completely by hand. Already I feel as if I am gaining skills I’ve long aspired to have in my metaphysical tool-belt, and it’s incredible the empowerment that building something brings.

As you can see, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously – another key element of walking away and feeling satisfied with a day well spent:

Kickin' it

Building, laughing, learning – these seem to be things that bubble forth naturally from our project, and in no small part because of the intentions behind it: connecting urban folks with food and nature, and creating a hub for community built on the principles of permaculture. For instance – one lumber yard’s waste is one urban farm’s garden beds:


We have only scratched the surface of our community connections, and there are so many more loops we can become a part of and help to close. In the meantime, we’re building up, reaching out, and enjoying each moment beneath the blue skies of Berkeley.

Blue skies

I’d love to hear what folks are keen on building in their own lives right now. Believe me, once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

Much love to all those in the process of building themselves,

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