Goin’ vertical

So much to do these days – I’m starting to wonder how I ever kept up with the blogging whilst on the road!

Admittedly, today got off to an early, but fantastic start, as I made good on my promise to get back on the yoga train. Here was the view of the Bay as I made my way down to Yoga to the People, ’round about 6:30am this morning:

Bay Glow

You would think that the farming would be the thing getting me up early!

From yoga, it was straight to Urban Adamah, where we quickly got back into the swing of things, and also welcomed the newest member of our team, Kalia!


Our focus was vertical today. With the base plate in place, we cut all the boards we needed to put up the yonder side of the greenhouse, and attached the first of our many hoops. There’s something about doing all this work by hand that has been incredibly satisfying. Stepping back at the end of the day today, I couldn’t help but feel, “Wow. This is legit.”

This is legit

Fewer better places to get some hands on experience like this than a garden/farm I suppose. I’ve found it’s the same bringing kids into a garden, whether its for purposes of teaching, or just hanging out. Being outside and next to things that are growing I’ve found seems to put kids in more of a natural state (no surprise I suppose). It may take time at first to acclimate from the rush of city living, but sooner or later, the slow pace of creeping tendrils, rising shoots and swelling fruits takes hold, and everything seems to be play again – even the tough stuff. That’s kind of how I feel so far with the Adamah experience. It’s definitely hard work at times – but it never seems like it. Must be all the tea we drink – see Alex and Ari holding down the tea fort:


Gotta stick with the daily reading practice, so for now, I’m off to bed with my hot beverages. Get to share the permaculture song with the crew tomorrow – pumped!

With love,

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