I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiiike

Wow. For anyone wondering why I love the Bay Area, please indulge me, and take a look at the below video/photos.

Today, my buddy and fellow wilderness leader Dan invited me to go on a 40 mile bike ride with some frisbee friends of his. February 6th in San Francisco, and it was a gorgeous 72 degrees, hardly a cloud in the sky, as we made our way leisurely down towards Palo Alto.

Dan, early in the bike ride

Believe it or not - I took this photo :)

Let’s be real: Dan and I both got ROCKED, and the ladies we were riding with totally put us to shame. It was a wonderfully humbling exercise, and if anything, it makes me want to get out, and get my riding legs beneath me once more.

Ridin' by the ocean

I can’t think of a better way to have followed up on a day in the snow than to have spent today drifting along a trail, watching the ocean slide past, the smell of eucalyptus thick in the air. More and more, a lifestyle of teaching/gardening in the Bay during the school year and jetting off to the wilds of Yosemite for the summer is sounding pretty gosh darn nice.

Ridin' through the Sunset

It was nice to revisit some of the San Francisco neighborhoods I had gotten to know back in my Google days, and to feel like I was seeing them with new eyes. Whenever I look around now, all I see is room for growing food, and places where it’s already happening. To me, growing food is such a baseline for growing a healthy community, and the city is so full of opportunities to do so. Coming from the green streets of Portland and the sunny abundance of Santa Barbara, I can’t wait to dig in deeper, and get more involved in the gardens here in the Bay.

Golden Gate Park

For now, I’m one real cup of tea deep, and about to hit Three Cups before I hit the hay. Chores to tend to in the morn., and then back to the farm on Tuesday. Yee haw!

Another one rides the bus,

P.S. This is how I like to end my day:

Montana - Good girl!

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