A fond photographic farewell to the farm

P.S. I think my love for alliteration may be getting out of hand.
P.P.S. Yes, the above P.S. stands for “pre-script”, for all those wondering.

I don’t like to have such long gap between posts, but I think given the transit, whimsy and jetlag of the past few days, I will permit myself forgiveness for this temporary lapse. I hope you will do the same 😉

Given there’s been so much time, I’m gonna try to cover everything concisely with a brief highlight/play by play from the past few days, based primarily on photos.

Note: seeing how many photos there are just for the first section, I figured I’d divide these tales up into separate posts thematically/over time. To begin with…

Final shots from the farm

Omer’s very necessary outdoor couch (there are some perks to being in a place where rain is seldom seen):

Outdoor couch

The dudeliest pull-up apparatus EVER:

Pull ups - And I ain't talkin' diapers

Cheese cave. ‘Nuff said.

To the cheese cave!

The expression on their faces? Priceless. For everything else – there’s goats:

Goats - priceless

This is how everyone in Israel knew I was American. Bread slathered with almond butter, then healthily doused in date syrup. Good morning indeed!

Bread + butter + and and and

There’s always poetry in the wind that blows through drying tablecloths:

Wind through the tablecloths

Flowers and thorns. My friend Kashif used to say “It’s not arrogance if you can back it up.” I often feel the same way about corniness. “It’s not corniness if it’s genuine.” Right? 😉 Otherwise, my song lyrics are super corny.

Flowers in Israel

The off-trail summit:

Off trail

Olive you. I really do.

Olive trees

Olives - up close and personal

Omer, making magic happen:

Wrapping cheese in grape leaves

Looking back on the farm – it really is tucked away. I feel like you should only be able to get there by walking through a wardrobe, or following the third star to the right and heading straight on ’til morning.

Farm, hidden in the trees

Omer – if you’re reading this: I love you. I love that we could chat endlessly about happenings in life, and that we could hug it out as two guys. Not to mention wrestle goats, make some seriously delicious cheese, and haul some seriously gnarly/heavy wood. Though I accept the fact that you will never admit that they were heavy, my shoulder is still sore.

That’s the scoop on the last few days in Israel. Next up – crazy times in transit back to the States, and then: so much love in Santa Barbara!

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