Yoga routine for the day: Warrior II: Return of the Warrior

Ahhhh, just finished up an incredible dinner with Omer. Of the many things he is capable of/proficient in, cooking is high on the list. We ate Bedouin style from a big plate – rice and tender beef with mediterranean spices – and talked about manly things over a Goldstar Dark Lager. And by manly things, I mostly mean women and relationships, and our tasks for tomorrow on the farm.

Today, I got a lot more hands on with the cheese making process. I got to spend an hour or so scooping curds into a tray of moulds, and learned the importance (at least for this type of cheese) of keeping the curd as intact as possible. Apparently having larger pieces of curd means that more of the water/whey is retained during the cheese-making process, which leads to tastier cheese. From what I gather, the balance between moisture retention and moisture release (via salt) over the course of the process is what can make or break your final product.

I also took some time this morning to finally do some laundry and get back on my yoga routine. Being sick has thrown off a lot of things lately, and getting my yoga mat out and doing a few pullups this morning felt great. Doesn’t hurt to have the birds chirping all around, and the sun shining down through the trees.

All in all, I felt like today was a day to restart a bit, and focus back in on moving forward in a positive direction/the path I’ve laid for myself in the next few months. I’ve been trying to work myself back into habits I find healthy and productive (i.e. reading, writing, and yoga), and hope to take the next week or so to get back on track with these daily practices, so that I might have a good basis for keeping them up when I get back to the states in February. It’s also been great to get a bit more of a firsthand look at a farming schedule/lifestyle, and to feel what it’s like to be working with my hands/outside.

Another good sign: I picked up my guitar tonight for the first time in a couple of days, and even though it was out of tune, I found a new riff waiting for me.

Permaculture and sustainability continue to poke their head out here in Israel, and Omer and I had some great chats about the sustainability of Israel as a country today. Was great to get some insights into the ups and downs of being in a young country – especially one that is in many ways so isolated. Israel’s edges are a place of great conflict, and it’s not clear that they are producing a healthy dynamic for the country as a whole (unlike the edges of the salt marsh). Like a farm where chemicals are needed to keep insects in check and soils healthy, it’s seems that, for long term sustainability on any front in Israel, there needs to be the creation of a state that doesn’t need to constantly be defending itself from immediate threats (which comes at a huge economic at social cost), and which doesn’t need imports from afar to maintain itself. And Israel isn’t the only one with this problem mind you. My question is: how do you get other countries so invested in your well-being that they have no incentive to attack you? What can a country provide to another that creates an incentive to help one another out, rather than a disincentive to attack? From a permie perspective, that’s the long term, sustainable way to go.

Anywho, sleep/reading beckons for now. Hope to dive more into these thoughts soon, and with a bit more specificity.

My love,

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