Land ho…

ly land!

We arrive to find a delightfully damp Israel. Makes me think back to days in Tucson, and the preciousness of the rainy seasons. That, and the cocoa-enticing, swollen clouds of Portland.

Highlight from the flight: upgrading myself to business class to get a few zzzs. And by upgrading myself, I mean pretending to use the business class restroom, and then walking ever so casually back to a business class seat and falling asleep. Nothing like being woken up to “Sir? Excuse me – what is your seat number?”. Me, feigning confusion: “Oh, I, uh… uh… I. I’m in the wrong seat.” To which the kind flight attendant replied “Yes – the very wrong seat.”

So worth it. And let’s be honest, permaculture principal #9: get the most for the least. Business class for free? Seems to be right in line with Mr. Holmgren on that score. And I’d hate to let a resource like an empty seat go to waste 😉 At the end of the day, what can I say but…

Olive press and hot springs on tap for tomorrow. Internet might be sporadic, but hoping to get some pictures up as we go.

In the meantime here’s a couple of highlights from my time with Brian and Sam.

The master chefs hard at work:

Sam, getting down in the kitchen

B, unintentionally (?) showing off the guns:


A poster from their apartment that I think aptly captures their relationship:

You're my awesome

With all my awesomest love,

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One Response to Land ho…

  1. Dad says:

    Glad to hear you arrived safely; keep up the blogging, it’s great. Love, Dad

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