On the cusp

One hour and counting. With limited time and limited Internet, figured I’d hop on quick before riding above the clouds for hours on end.

Last night and today – what wonderful reminders of how lucky I am to have such friends in this life. Especially friends who can cook like it’s nobody’s business 😉

It has been really meaningful in the years since graduating from college to have kept in touch with Brian and Samantha, and to have been able to share in the very different paths we’ve found ourselves on.

Okay, that’s a deeper point that merits more reflection, but boarding is about to commence, so I’ll jump to highlights instead:

1) Incredible roast chicken dinner followed by rapid realization of how terrible/unintentionally hilarious a movie The Saint is. Oh Val.

2) Mini-concert/story time/catch up.

3) Falling asleep overlooking the Hudson.

4) Hair cut (whoa!)

5) Ginger ice cream + maple walnut, shared with Samantha. Almost as good as salted caramel. Almost.

Counting sheep or Count of Monte Cristo? We’ll see which one wins first.

One page at a time,


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