From another perspective

Here was last night as viewed from the perspective of Leyalyn. I really love seeing what she decided to take a picture of with my camera – certainly made me see these things in a different light, and they to me tell a wonderful story about two feet shorter than any I could have told (without hunching over that is). Decided to make it into a slideshow and add a little music – hope you enjoy!

And for good measure, here’s that last photo of the photographer herself again (in case you don’t make it all the way through the slideshow). Amazing.


Israel tomorrow. Hard to imagine! 14 hours should be a nice chunk of time though, to dig into The Count of Monte Cristo, unabridged. Thanks Trevanna for helping me keep on track with New Year’s Resolutions!

Love from New York,

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One Response to From another perspective

  1. Leyalyn Grenfell-Lee says:

    “Thank you for making this movie song. I hope I can see you again. Love, Leyalyn”

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