Permaculture Song

As promised. Here it is:

I hope you enjoy the part halfway through where, for whatever reason, the screen freezes, and it looks like I just got punched in the nuts.

I’m hoping to have an mp3 for download soon too – stay tuned! In the meantime – enjoy! More New Years fun to come soon.

Also – if you’re interested in taking a permaculture design course in the Oregon area – I’d definitely recommend checking out Lost Valley Education Center They run a great class for anyone looking to get some initial hands on experience with permaculture – their course is taught by three instructors, which means you walk away with a solid breadth of perspectives on permaculture and all that can be done with it. It’s also just a gorgeous spot, and the food is fantastic 😉


P.S. Another New Year’s Resolution that I forgot: finishing the Count of Monte Cristo, without skipping ahead to the last line. All right, or at least finishing the Count of Monte Cristo.

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