On the eve

So much to share, and yet, already I feel the fog of sleep creeping over my thoughts as I sit here typing.

I will try to do this wonderful evening greater justice tomorrow. For now, let it suffice to say that I feel very lucky to be where I am on this Christmas Eve: home among family, about to give way to that sleep, and to the excitement and joy of the arrival of Christmas.

I feel as if I can do nothing in such a moment but embrace what the world around me wishes to offer, and in return, I feel once again that hope that I might, in simply walking where my heart tells me I am wont to walk, magnify the hope, faith, trust and strength of those who follow the path of their heart’s truest choosing; that we might grow in walking together. I hope similarly that my gratitude for those who have touched my life might become palpable, be it in the form of laughter, a playful wink, or a not infrequent, quiet, knowing smile; may these words in the meantime, convey my thanks. After all, it seems to me that Christmas, of any time of the year, is a time for such things. A time for joyful reflection, with perhaps not a small dollop of nostalgia and sugared plums.

I am sending out my thoughts and love to any who come across these words this evening or any other. I sense that the walls around my words and meaning are crumbling slightly, and only portions of what I feel may have stumbled into this post – nevertheless, Christmas comes, and I felt a need to greet it before drifting off to dream.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all

who are Jewish, Happy Hannukah 😉

And to all who are otherwise occupied this time of year, to you as well,

My love,

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