Lost Valley, or Where I Find Myself

Lost Valley – with a name like that, how can you go too far astray?

Sadly, I don’t have access to the pictures on my camera yet, as I am on one of the delightfully antiquated computers here at the computer lab, but Than and I have arrived at Lost Valley Education Center in Dexter, OR, and are about to begin a two week intensive permaculture certification course.

Though in the coming months we will be working as farm apprentices at Urban Adamah in Berkeley, continuing our education and long-haired blogging together, in many ways this course feels like the culmination of our road trip together. We’ve traveled the country, getting little tastes of permaculture in practice, and now we have come here to dig deep, and to internalize the principles behind the magic we’ve seen, that we might bring them with us to our future communities of residence.

This blog is one way we plan to share those principles in the coming days and weeks – that is to say, if you are interested in permaculture and potentially taking a certification course: stay tuned! I’ve got the course syllabus to my left, and believe me: it is PACKED! I will do my very best to pass on the juiciest of snippets and learnings from the class, and along the way, share the absolute beauty of this place via picture and description.

A highlight from tonight: the nine students in attendance were broken into three teams, and given five minutes to brainstorm questions for our instructors, that we might learn more about them. My personal contribution: “what is your favorite permaculture pick up line?”. Sadly – they did not have a response on the spot, and it has been deemed an assignment to determine a few by the end of the course!

This is going to be a very fun two weeks.

Yours, simply,

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