Two Concerts and a Market

Yoga flow for the day: Staying present @ Yoga Soup
Full slideshow of photos: Here and here

I figure a post title that sounds like a sitcom or a movie can never be a bad start.

This past weekend to hit up two great shows: one, a benefit concert for Quail Springs, a local permaculture institute and living community, and the other: the debut of Little Owl, with none other than Than the man on epic fiddle!

The Quail Springs benefit was a night of wonderful local performers, and a chance to hear from Warren Brush, one of the founding members of the community, about the recent floods that completely decimated theirs and surrounding properties, and how they were handling the aftermath. I was really blown away at how positive Mr. Brush was as he spoke about the power of nature, and the wonderful lessons that she had taught everyone. As he put it, these floods were an opportunity to “start anew”, and to rebuild something that would improve upon past mistakes, and emerge even stronger than what had existed before.

Quail Springs is known for taking a “200 year” approach to their plans – looking seven or so generations down the line, and trying to make investments and share teachings that will pay off far into the future. Very cool stuff. For an amazing an inspiring couple of samples from the concert, see these songs from Jan Smith, one of the residents at Quail Springs who showed up for the benefit. Her rendition of Hallelujah (which sadly I only caught the tale end of!) is breathtaking.

The next day, I met up with Abby (friend from camp) who was in town to see Little Owl’s show, and we proceeded to have an incredible time shopping at the Santa Barbara farmer’s market (where I broke my fast – see look of joy below)….

Me breaking fast

Me, still euphoric from eating a date

And here’s Abby with the incredible sweet potato we ended up roasting for dinner. Her expressions are priceless:

Abby with sweet potato

We also thought this was clever:

Boston butts

After the market, we then pushed ourselves in an incredible yoga class with Eddie Ellner at Yoga Soup, followed shortly thereafter by multiple bowls of delicious oatmeal, served every Saturday at the studio. Further evidence that Santa Barbara is a place where dreams come true? Methinks so.

Oatmeal... mmm...

Rest assured, me and Abs rolled deep:

Hells yeah

Somehow, we then squeezed in time for a beautiful stroll across the beach with two beautiful friends, Katrina and Olya. Much guitar was played, and much bread with avocado generously applied was consumed. More proof that life is always just around the corner, waiting to be lived.

Katrina with guitar

Me and Katrina

This all then culminated in a wonderful debut performance from Than and the Little Owl company at a bar in town called The Mercury Lounge. I’ve been there for most of their rehearsals (generally watching them while eating directly out of a box of Kashi), and I got to serve as a bouncer, while eating a box of Honey Bunches of Oats I had purchased minutes before at a convenience store around the corner. I am really hoping I can continue to be a part of the band as “guy with cereal”.

Abby @ Little Owl

Than and Shayna opening the set

Today then kicked off with a wonderful hike out into the hills of Santa Barbara with Emily, whose parents Than and I have been staying with. Emily is the keyboardist from Little Owl, and a super rad software engineer, who also happens to like climbing, and is an incredible, intuitive musician. We had a wonderful time kicking back with a couple of Kona Porters in a local hot spring, chatting about life and such other good things until the last bits of sun made their way down the mountainside. Smelling not un-vaguely like sulfur, we headed back homewards for a warm fire in the outdoor firepit at her parent’s place, with a dinner of two delectable fall soups awaiting us. Ahhhh, life is good – and even better when capped off with s’mores.

Emily among the hills

Looking back on the ocean

Mmm… s’more to come soon.


Also – I just thought this photo was beautiful. Farmer’s markets – pretty sure we need more of these around.

Beautiful berries

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