Casual conversations at Hummingbird


Than and I are sitting in our room together in Cleveland, New Mexico, trying to wrap our minds around the mind-bending experience we’ve just had at an intentional community called Hummingbird.

You know those life-changing, ultra-deep conversations that you have with folks every once in a while? Conversations about fate and the cosmos, purpose and meaning, intention, synchronicity and the like?

To understand Hummingbird, try to imagine a group of people who came together in the middle of New Mexico, and decided to have those conversations everyday for the rest of their lives – all while living off the grid in beautiful homes, full with TVs, marble countertops, and the occasional geodesic dome outside . We’ve been here for one night, and it feels like the entire universe has been opening up its secrets for us to understand, asking only that we listen.

What makes me feel like the folks here might be on to something: they are all ridiculously happy, and overwhelmingly and unabashedly loving. As soon as we passed the cattle grate that separates their world from the world beyond, we had people embracing us, and going out of their way to ask us about our lives. When asked about their own, no one hesitated to frame their experience in terms of a broader purpose, connection and calling they felt to discover community, and the shared desire they felt to create a central point for emanating feelings of love and unity outwards into the world, by first magnifying those feelings inwards.

There was no such thing as a “casual” conversation here – at least in the normal sense of the word. Everything had deeper undertones, and even regular interactions were ramped up by this constant feeling of intention, presence, and general love for all things. I swear I could feel it walking through this place, leaping upward from the land. Yet for everyone here, this depth of being had become “casual” – an everyday way of being and interacting. Should we all be so lucky!

Tomorrow, we will take some time to revisit the rest of our day, exploring the Earthships, and learning more about sustainable building and growing. For now, I feel it’s necessary to just capture this moment, and the alternative reality I feel we are floating in as the day comes to a close. This is truly a place to be experienced – if ever you are around Taos, New Mexico, I implore you: reach out to someone at Hummingbird, and schedule a visit. It’s as easy as going to, and then sending them a note telling them a bit about yourself, and what you hope to learn with your time here. Go in with an open mind, and you will have your mind opened.

More to come soon,

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One Response to Casual conversations at Hummingbird

  1. Dad says:

    Love reading about your adventures. Keep writing! Love, Dad

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