Making Boulder Moves

Today’s Yoga Practice: The Shosh’ Flow
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There are certain special spirits you meet along the way who help to teach you to look at life through different lenses. Luna – aka Lillian Myers – is one of those splendid souls. A fellow wilderness leader from Camp Tawonga, and good friend to Than and I both, visiting her was a stop we both were very much looking forward to.

Frosty Car

Our nine hour trek across Kansas was, as expected, flat – but not without good times. Within fifteen minutes of having left the Light Center, Than and I realized that we had left all our groceries on the kitchen counter. T’was what t’was, and there wasn’t much we could do – but with my stomach rumbling, I began to peer over the landscape for possible respites from our hunger that didn’t sit beneath golden arches or gargantuan plastic burgers. Lo and behold, on the horizon there appeared a beacon of hope: Granda Hoerner’s Organic Food Factory! But by the time I caught a glimpse, we were past the exit, and the day’s inertia was too strong to turn against (not to mention the wind – phew!).

A short time later, as we pulled off the highway to get gas, I saw a gentleman wearing a Grandma Hoerner’s t-shirt. I asked him if there was another GH along the way to Colorado, and was saddened to learn that Ms. Hoerner had elected to erect only one organic oasis along highway 70. I guess he saw the desperate look in my eyes, or heard the rumble in my stomach, because he then looked at me and said, “Well hey man, I can give you some stuff.”

Preserves and Than's Sock

I was so grateful in that moment – it felt like destiny was shining down on me. The gentleman, whose name I learned was Polo (I may be mispelling this – apologies if this is so!), gave Than and I two jars of blackberry and strawberry preserves, along with two jars of cranberry walnut chutney that his son Ivan had made himself. They both were very clear that the cranberry chutney needed to be applied to chicken or turkey, a moment I am very much looking forward to. They also pointed Than and me to Sally’s Diner, where we filled up on trucker food. You can see below how Than felt about this afterwards.

Than, Full of Breakfast

From there, it was a long straight shot to Boulder. I had heard a lot about the quality of life out in Boulder, and pulling in to the city among the towering Rocky Mountains, I got it. Cafes, shops, yoga studios, and pretty neighborhoods all reaped the benefits of this incredible backdrop, and situated so close to the beauty and recreational opportunities of the mountains, it wasn’t hard to see why people would be happy there.

We picked up our good friend Shoshi, who we worked with at Camp Tawonga this past summer (serendipity strikes again!), and made our way over to Luna’s house to make dinner. This stop, much like our stop in Iowa, was a wonderful chance to slow down for a moment and to catch our breath. Luna’s roommate Rose ended up playing a few songs for us, as did her friend Clay, and both performed originals and singalongs that had us hanging on every word.

Rose on the guitar

Good conversations about life and love abounded – as conversations about life and love are wont to do when snuggled up in the middle of the living room – and around twelve, we all miraculously rallied (thanks to Than’s much needed nudging), and headed off for an hour of dancing to a live reggae band. Dancing with Luna, like talking with Luna, is a wonderful call and response – a game of listening, accepting, internalizing, and lifting up. We ended up taking over the dance floor, and throwing dance moves back and forth between us, completely unabashed. We made such an impression, a gentleman from the bar spotted us on the street as we were all walking home, and went out of his way to come over and thank us for the energy we brought to the dance.

In the morning, we took things slow waking up, and Shoshi, fresh from completing her 300 hour yoga teacher’s training, led Than and I in a wonderful flow routine that left us feeling completely at peace. Our plans to head to the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute had fallen through due to a scheduling confusion, and with our daily yoga practice under our belts, we sought out what the present had to offer. After conversations with Luna and her friends, we set off to Taos New Mexico.

Our next stop will be to check out the legendary Earthships. Everyone we spoke with in Boulder was raving about them, and it seems like a nice continuation of what we took in about sustainable building at Dancing Rabbit. Tonight, we are resting our heads at The Abominable Snowmansion – a hostel just north of Taos. The sun is setting, and the mountains are lapping up the glow between the deep green of the pines. Life and living is good.

Love outwards to you,

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One Response to Making Boulder Moves

  1. Aah! Lilli Myers!

    I know exactly what you mean. Just being in her presence for a few days changed my life forever. Revolutionary change.

    AND (years later) i got to dance to reggae music with her in Boulder – joyful, exuberant, celebratory movement like nothing I’ve known before or since.

    What an amazing energy. What a gift to the World she is…

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