Two in one (Part I)

Yesterday’s Yoga Routine: Power Vinyasa Flow (Warrior I, II and III Sequence)

I’m seeing now why posting once a day is going to be necessary – there is just too much to cover.

Yesterday was the long haul, twelve and a half hours from New York to the Windy City. It was a wonderful time to catch up with good friends on the phone, listen to This American Life, and to mull weeks past and weeks upcoming.

Morning in Middletown
I continue to find that a willingness to talk and meet people leads me to great things. It’s a goal of mine to not succumb to the temptation of the fast food joints and rest stops lining the highway, and so upon arriving into Ohio yesterday, I stopped off at their info center and had a nice chat with a knitter named Nancy, who informed me that there was a great Jewish Deli two exits away. My other choice was to head an hour out of the way into Amish country… tempting, but when a bagel beckons, what can you do? (Note to self: When a Bagel Beckons could be great title for a Jewish version of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie).

Kravitz Deli
Besides getting a delicious corned beef sandwich with potato salad and pickle at Kravitz Deli, I got speak with the owner, Jack Kravitz, who took over the establishment from his family back in the 70s. Apparently Kravitz Deli has been bringing corn beef sandwiches to Youngstown Ohio since 1939, a tradition which, as you can see above, Jack is pretty proud of. When Jack found out I was traveling across the country, he generously upgraded my normal sandwich to an XL. When he found out I was traveling across the country to learn about sustainable farming and permaculture, he told that I should marry his daughter. Feeling I should at least inquire further, I came to learn that Ms. Kravitz has been studying environmental engineering for five years, and is now looking to get involved with environmental consulting. Environmental consultants out there – if you’re hiring, please email Jack at eat at (spaced out to prevent spam). Single Jewish dudes interested in agriculture may also want to email.

Twelve and a half hours sure seemed to fly by, and I arrived in Chicago just as my left shoulder started to complain. My lovely friend Rachel was a sight for weary eyes, and after gawking at her incredible apartment in the city, we headed off to get a couple of drinks and dinner with a good friend of hers. I ordered a beer called Dragon’s Milk – and let’s be honest: How could I not have ordered something called Dragon’s Milk? It was dark, sweet and delicious, and after a long day on the road, delightfully dulling to the senses.

On the road again
It was a lovely stay in the city, ended all too soon by a change of plans that brought me to Milwaukee early in the morning! Rather than have this post stretch on for too long, I’m going to continue with the second half of this story in another post tomorrow, and another post soon to follow about our Halloween night at Dancing Rabbit. In the next edition: Growing Power, aquaculture, vermiculture, baby goats – and the glorious reconnection with Than! The road trip has now truly begun!

Looking out of the Prius
My love to you,

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