Middletown, NY

Yoga Routine for the Day: Hatha Sequence

Today was a nice warm up – a 5 hour drive to Middletown NY to visit Lucas, my best friend growing up in Maine.

New York Clouds
Lucas and I know each other from pre-school. To give you a sense of how close he is with me and my family, he is one of maybe two people outside of our immediate family who has seen my mother’s notorious morning Cramer hair (which sadly copyright/my mom prohibits me from posting pictures of). Lucas and I spent the bulk of our high school weekends staying up until 2am in the morning writing and recording music, and then playing Final Fantasy X until we crashed at 5 on my downstairs couches. This was intermingled with peanut butter omelet experiments, late night frisbee in the WalMart parking lot, and our first experience with alcohol, raiding his parent’s liquor cabinet, and discovering quite pointedly that triple sec was not meant to be consumed by itself. Many a morning was Lucas woken up to the sound of my dad making business phone calls at 7am, who I’m sure took a special delight in using his theatrically trained voice to rouse Lucas from sleep.

Cloud-Rimmed Bridge
It seems that the great life conversations have been apt to bubble up lately, and it was great to learn more about Lucas’ new perspectives and plans. He is another of my friends and family members who is currently engaged, and I couldn’t be happier. Besides having some really great chats about purpose, fate, and growing up, we also got to throw down some long overdue jams, including “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room” when his fiancee walked in (if you haven’t heard this song, and do nothing else with this blog – PLEASE watch the video below).

The drive today was gorgeous (scope the full album, including pancake pictures from breakfast) – full of orange hillsides, and made especially breathtaking by the sunlight eking out from between the large cumulus clouds towards the end of the day. I bumped into a Knights of Columbus fundraising event at the Connecticut Welcome Center rest stop, and was able to recharge with a hot dog, donut and some coffee, and a fun chat with Ray and Gabrielle, chili dog extraordinaires. It’s always heartwarming to get to interact with a few good folks over food while on the road, as opposed to listening to the spiral arms of a vending machine unwind, and the scuttling thud of potato chips as they hit bottom. I’m not sure if the donut was organic though… baby steps.

Knights of Columbus Food Stop
I feel like the agricultural elements of my trip haven’t quite taken off, but I have been trying to keep my eyes open, and have felt particularly aware of how much unused or wasted lawn space we seem to have on the East coast. I’d love to learn more about the climatic constraints of growing food in these colder regions, but something tells me that if permaculture can function at 7000 feet elevation in the Rockies, then there’s probably a way of pulling things together in New England and making our lawns more habitable and sustainable. It feels like it may be more of a mental shift than anything else, and it will be a stalwart set of souls who come to push permaculture forward in the East.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice, loooooong 12.5 hour drive to Chicago, so I think some rest is in order. Much NPR will be listened to, and much coffee may need be drunk.

Until soon,

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